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Learning to live Music



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“For young people, the creative and performing arts – particularly music – is a contributing factor that can positively bolster their identity, instilling a
since of purpose, and spawning inspiration for innovative ideas that can uplift their communities.”

Dr Krystal Banfield
Associate Vice President, Education Outreach and Social Entrepreneurship, Berklee City Music

The Cape Town Music Academy (CTMA) welcomes you to the CTMA, Berklee City Music & SU Outreach “Learning to Live Music” 2019.
Based on the success of the first Winter School Programme held in Stellenbosch in June 2017, the Cape Town Music Academy (CTMA) once again partners with Berklee College of Music (Boston USA) and the Stellenbosch University Unit for Community Music
to bring 6 top Berklee Music Tutors to present a weeklong workshop focusing on jazz and this time a very exciting additional focus on hip-hop.

Our programme focuses on School Learners (ensembles), Students and Professional Musicians (teachers/mentors). True to the Berklee holistic approach “Learning to live Music” is designed to expand the participants’ knowledge base and to develop a vision for the discovery of the participants’ “unique voice” through music, cultural infusion, improvisation, music literacy, technology, and performance. I take huge pleasure in welcoming our dear friend and kindred spirit, Dr Krystal Banfi eld and her exceptionally talented team from Berklee City Music Outreach. They have greeted our initial “reach out” with a warm and encouraging embrace and at the end of our fi rst joint venture in 2017 we knew that we were standing at the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship.

In similar vein I need to recognize the role of Felicia Lesch of the Stellenbosch University Music Department. Felicia is a brave soul who chose to swim against the tide for many years in order to open up a world of opportunities to many a talented young musician, eager to study music. She remains a driving force at the centre of this wonderful initiative.
A warm welcome to Arin Canbolat Assistant Dean, and welcome back to our old friends Prince Charles Alexander, Ron Mahdi, and Chris Revelli. A special word of welcome to first timers Misael Martinez, Leo Blanco and Danielle Scott. Let’s hope that your experiences in Cape Town and Stellenbosch will rock your world and that you will always be ready to jump onto the next fl ight to come back to us in years to come.
To the students and tutors, make the most of this opportunity, take it all in, remember to always give something back and most of all to have fun!

A huge debt of gratitude goes to Sonja Roux and the Board of Arco, without their spirit of generosity the work of the CTMA and this programme would not have been possible.

To the success of Learning to Live Music 2019!

Nico McLachlan
Director, CTMA

“The Cape Town Music Academy is a champion for young people, teaching mentors and educational programmes, providing specialized training & performing opportunities in contemporary music that promotes creative thinking, and mastery skill development.”

Dr Krystal Banfield
Associate Vice President, Education Outreach and Social Entrepreneurship, Berklee City Music