2017 / 2018


Afrique mon Désir (Africa My Longing) is a multi- media world music production by the CTMA, directed by industry stalwart David Kramer
with musical direction by Schalk Joubert. It features award-winning South African singer and composer Laurinda Hofmeyr and the Afrique mon Désir ensemble – a group of eight world-class Cape Town musicians and West African singers.

This acclaimed production first played at the Prince Albert Reading Festival in November 2017 and debuted officially to a packed audience at the SU Woordfees in 2018. It enjoyed a successful run at the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival (KKNK) soon thereafter. In the same year, Afrique mon Désir received WoordTROfee and KANNA nominations for Best Music Group and Best Music Production respectively.

In Afrique mon Désir, Hofmeyr, well known for setting poetry to music, combines exhilarating rhythms with mesmerising Francophone poetry from as far as Madagascar to Mauritania and Cameroon to Cape Town whilst exploring haunting themes of displacement and longing and a deep connection to the continent of Africa.

Afrique mon Désir sends a poignant yet positive message about the creative outcome of crossing borders and a mixing of cultures. This production was praised for its transformational message and fresh, anti-xenophobic approach.

A 13-track album with the same title was also recorded in June 2017, featuring the legendary Malagasy accordion player and singer, Régis Gizavo. The French music label In Ouïe released Afrique mon Désir world-wide in May 2018.

In June 2018, the production travelled to France where it blew audiences away in Paris, Bordeaux, Poitiers and Angouleme and was embraced by the international media. Hofmeyr was featured on prime time shows such as France 24’s Eye on Africa and TV Tele Sud’s Africa Hour and received rave reviews.

Back in South Africa, Afrique mon Désir continued to wow audiences at the Tuin van die Digters Literary Festival in Wellington (September 2018) followed by a run at the Fugard Theatre in Cape Town (October 2018).
The 2018 season ended on a high note for Afrique mon Désir with a kykNET Fiesta nomination for Best Music Driven Production in Theatre.

This production was praised for its transformational message and fresh, anti-xenophobic approach.



  • 1 in Prince Albert (Reading Festival Literary Festival)
  • 2 in Stellenbosch (SU Woordfees Arts Festival)
  • 2 in Oudtshoorn (Klein Karoo National Arts Festival)
  • 1 in Cape Town (Alliance Française du Cap)
  • 4 in Cape Town (Fugard Theatre)
  • 1 inWellington (Tuin van Digters Literary Festival)
  • 5 in France (International tour)

Western Cape: 3 400
International: 650


  • Core cast of 8 musicians, various sound
    technicians, stage managers and a production manager were regularly provided with work during show runs
  • Composer
  • Musical director
  • Show director
  • Animator
  • Lighting designer
  • Costume and props designer
  • Publicist
  • Social media manager
  • Translator


  • Core cast of 8 musicians
  • 3 Sound engineers
  • Album producer
  • Album cover and booklet designer
  • Album booklet proofreader
  • Album CD record agent, distributer, lawyer


In March 2018, the CTMA in partnership with the SU Woordfees Words Open Worlds (WOW) education empowerment project hosted 50 high school learners from the communities of Cloetesville and Idas Valley at the 2018 Woordfees performance of Afrique mon Désir in the Stellenbosch Town Hall. WOW, aimed at previously marginalized communities, celebrates the value of the written and spoken word in broadening horizons.

With the help of our partners Golden Arrow Bus Services (GABS) and ClemenGold, 200 school children from underserved areas in Stellenbosch (Kylemore and Idas Valley) and Cape Town were brought to see the Saturday matinee show at the Fugard Theatre. The children enjoyed an unforgettable afternoon being exposed, some for the first time, to live theatre and African music.
It was an afternoon of culture, creativity and enrichment!

Being sensitive to the challenges the four Congolese artists experienced as non-permanent South African citizens residing in Cape Town, the CTMA gave them administrative support, legal advice and transport where possible.

“Music transcends all borders.”

“Working with the four musicians made me aware of all the borders drawn between people through language, a different culture but also through socio– economic status. The little bit that I have learned about their lives here in South Africa, as well as their excellent musical ability has been an eye opener.”
Laurinda Hofmeyr

“Music transcends all borders.”
Clifford and Maryke Roberts

“This speaks of optimism and hope as only the rhythms of Africa’s music and poetry can.”
Clifford and Maryke Roberts

“The best album and stage production I have seen in the last decade.”
Jean Bernard
Bordeaux-based critic: Elektrik Bamboo (online Arts Journal)