2019 / 2020



As the official music partner of the Suidooster Festival 2020 (SOF), the largest and longest running arts festival in Cape Town, the CTMA was commissioned to produce various music productions at the festival in May 2020.

When the festival was postponed due to Covid-19, the SOF and the CTMA quickly re-strategised to produce an online music project which would include as many festival musicians as possible. The aim was to create relevant and entertaining online content, and under the challenging circumstances, create performing opportunities for festival artists during lockdown.

The result was a series of four online music videos released during the course of 2020.
For this Vicky Davis (director/producer) and Schalk Joubert (music producer/editor) received a 2020 KykNET Fiesta Award nomination on behalf of the Suidooster Festival for Best Online Festival Production.


When David Kramer’s KaapKreools featuring Emo and Loukmaan Adams, David Kramer, Don Vino Prins & Schalk Joubert, and produced by the CTMA was set to debut at the Suidooster Festival on 27 April, but was postponed due to Covid-19, the CTMA, David and the cast decided the show must go on!

On 7 April, #TsekCorona! was launched in proud association with the Suidooster Festival. The video features a rewrite of Kramer and the late Taliep Petersen’s hit song Welcome to Cape Town with a positive stay-at-home message filmed and recorded on mobile phones.
Also seen in the video are local celebrities (actors, comedians, radio dj’s) and members of the public dancing in isolation in their homes in support of the message.

Within hours of the launch the video went viral across South Africa.
The song played on radio stations and TV channels across the country and was trending on social media.


World in Union (2020 Tribute) by PJ Powers and the Tygerberg Children’s Choir (TCC) is a tribute to all Covid-19 essential workers and public efforts made in fighting the corona virus pandemic. This new version of the song was filmed and recorded by the artists in isolation during the country’s lockdown, and released on Africa Day, 25 May2020.

According to PJ Powers the song choice was perfect for the cause as World in Union is a song that expresses so many things that we as humans need. “When I did it in ‘95 for theRugby World Cup it became a song of triumph and victory for South Africa, of unity and strength. This time around I approached the vocal with a sense of healing and hope in my mind, and without changing a lyric, I feel that is what we have captured in this version.”

PJ and the TCC were originally scheduled to perform at the 2020 Suidooster Festival in Cape Town during May. The project is a proud initiative by the Suidooster Festival in association with the CTMA, Die Burger and other festival partners. The song and video were extremely well received and played on all national radio stations and local Afrikaans TV channels.


On 18 July 2020, in collaboratoon with the Suidooster Festival, the Jakes Gerwel Foundation, Die Burger and the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the CTMA launched a music video of a new version of Amanda Strydom’s song A Child in a Faraway Land, also featuring Thandeka Dladla and Lumanyano “Unity” Mzi from the Unity Band, and hip hop artist, Frazer Barry.

Amanda Strydom wrote A Child in a Faraway Land in 1994, the year of the inauguration of Nelson Mandela as president. She spent time with the statesman on numerous occasions and recalls these special events vividly: “He taught me the meaning of true compassion and forgiveness,” says Strydom.

Frazer Barry met Madiba in 1993 during the former president’s visit to the picturesque town of Genadendal. “I will never forget it. I was a matriculant and felt as a young South African, at that moment, wonderful things were possible.”

This initiative celebrated the message of Nelson Mandela Day that every person has the ability to contribute and make the world a better place. The song was added to RSG Radio stations playlist.

“The Jakes Gerwel Foundation strives to promote social cohesion in South Africa. With the professional and creative video that the CTMA came up with for the Mandela Day celebrations 2020, namely to bring together top quality artists from various backgrounds, it reinforces this very message of unity.”


Theo Kemp
Executive Director
Jakes Gerwel Foundation


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In the absence of being able to organise live performances for local musicians during lockdown, the CTMA started the Artist of the Week Daily Music Tips online YouTube series.

In the Daily Music Tips series, the CTMA invited local professional musicians to share useful music and industry related tips from their wealth of knowledge and experience on a weekly basis. The series ran from Mondays to Fridays with one tip posted daily.

Each week showcased a different artist from South Africa, ranging from well known performers, to producers, technicians, promoters and even music psychologists. For this contributors received the equivalent of a small gig fee and it kept many desperate artists going in a time of much need. The series ran weekly from April to November 2020 on the CTMA’s YouTube channel.


Moments with Masters is an online master class released on the CTMA’s YouTube channel. The lesson, relating to a specifi c music topic, was presented by a musician, educator or industry role player, considered a master of his/her craft .

Prof Martin Zenker from Munich was the first featured master. He presented a class on the art of counting in songs correctly. Something which is often overlooked, but is a vital part of every performance.

The second featured master was Amanda Tiff en, Head of Jazz Studies at the South African College of Music at UCT. In this special Women’s Day edition Amanda discussed the often avoided but very important topic of gender dynamics in the music industry. She discussed various aspects of inequality, subtle sexism and how men and women can work towards being better allies.


In November 2020, as part of the Suidooster Festival’s online content drive, the CTMA was commissioned to produce Lockdown Legato, a music video series featuring collaborations between SOF musicians from various genres. Live recordings were made of the concert series and broadcast on Netwerk24’s national subscriber platform during November and December 2020, as part of their creative content contingent.

The online concerts included the following exciting combinations: Rock & Rumba with Arno Carstens, Hassan Adas and Adelia Douw; All that Rapp with Jack Parow and the Unity Band; Classics Fantastics with Die Heuwels Fantasties, Tarryn Lamb and members of the Cape Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and Smeltkroes with Luna Paige, Frazer Barry, Ramon Alexander
and members of the Smeltkroes musical theatre production.

Lockdown Legato was a collective effort by Suidooster Festival, the City of Cape Town, ACT, kykNET, Netwerk24 and BASA. The music term Legato means “joined” and sees a creative interaction among artists from different music genres. The idea for these concerts was conceived during the lockdown period to help create opportunities and promote synergy among artists.

Carstens and Adas merged rock with Latin and African rhythms, while Jack Parow’s famous rap lyrics were interwoven with the Unity Band’s divine jazz sounds. Classical music morphed into an electronic guise when the Mother City’s Philharmonic Youth Orchestra joined forces with Die Heuwels Fantasties and Tarryn Lamb. Smeltkroes was a melting pot of music styles
and genres, each portraying its own origin, heritage and individual voice.

“What Suidooster Festival and the CTMA are doing by merging completely different artists from different worlds, is powerful and once again proves that music is able to transcend across all boundaries, even in uncertain times.”


Thandeka Dladla
Lead Singer
Unity Band


During Lockdown 2020, the CTMA released Lockdown Blues, a cheeky, bitter-sweet blues tune in an ode to the challenges of lockdown life, performed by the Bottom Barrel Blues Band – a collaboration by some of SA’s top blues musicians. Written by Robin Auld with lyrics by the CTMA director Nico McLachlan, it was recorded by the artists in isolation and produced by the CTMA musical director, Schalk Joubert. It also featured an upliting music video which was released on the CTMA’s YouTube channel. The song was added to the RSG Radio station’s playlist.

Nico Mclachlan, commented on the inspiration behind the song: “I wanted people to know that it’s OK to get the blues during lockdown and writing a blues song is one way of staying a step or two ahead of the blues.”

The Bottom Barrel Blues Band consists of Robin Auld (vocals, guitar & harmonica), Steve Walsh (vocals), Schalk Joubert (bass), Simon Orange (vocals, piano), Mauritz Lotz (guitar), Tonia Möller (vocals), Willem Möller (guitar) and Kevin Gibson (drums).

Nico McLachlan, Robin Auld & Simon Orange. Music: Robin Auld.


In October 2020, as the Covid-pandemic began taking its toll on the local entertainment industries, the CTMA contributed fi nancial support towards Christmas Chorus, a heartwarming, South African feature film, written and directed by Charl-Johan Lingerfelder – former musical director of the famous Fugard Theatre in District Six, Cape Town. The film debuted on M-Net on Christmas Day 25 December 2020 and is available on Showmax.

The story is a poignant tale about a group of down-and-out actors, musicians, dancers and technician friends, who fi nd themselves in the same diffi cult position at the end of 2020. For the first time in history, there will be no Christmas theatre entertainment to be had. They are beyond desperate and decide that they will take it upon themselves to change matters.

They decide to create a Christmas show which they will livestream on Facebook from the now closed Fugard Theatre in Cape Town. News channels pick up on this, and the performance is streamed into the homes and hearts of millions of people on Christmas Eve.