About Us

The company was established in December 2016 and is a registered non-profit company (NPC) with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), registration code 2017/137905/08. The company was approved as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) under Section 30 of the South African Revenue Services (SARS) IT Act.

Our passionate and dedicated board of directors, programme manager and music director provide the leadership and resources needed to perpetuate the ideals on which the CTMA was founded.

Our Vision

The Cape Town Music Academy (CTMA) seeks to create and facilitate performance, recording and skills development opportunities as well as international performing and educational exchanges for emerging and established musicians and related artists from communities in the Western Cape.

It is our artists, and specifically
our musicians, who
the voice of a people.

Our Mission

The CTMA believes that Cape Town’s contemporary musicians, emerging and established, should have the opportunity to continuously learn, create, perform and record. They should have the right to international exposure, and have the means to live, work and retire with dignity and recognition. CTMA also believes that local audiences should be created and nurtured, because without an audience there is no artist. Appreciating and enjoying music, is as beneficial as playing it.

The CTMA acts as an enabler, facilitator and initiator of programmes and projects for the promotion of the work of local contemporary musicians and the development of skills and career opportunities in the South African music industry through establishing partnerships with public and private institutions, organisations and companies.

The CTMA believes that for the Cape Town and South African music industry to survive and thrive, it is important to create connections and collaborations between the different role players on the local music scene. Equally important is audience development through outreaches to underserved communities and the creation of performance spaces, music productions and live gigs.

The CTMA focuses primarily on contemporary music and the traditional music styles unique to Cape Town as one of the African continent’s most relevant music hubs.

The CTMA believes that it is through exposure and participation in the arts, and specifically the healthy hobby of music, that children develop beyond mediocracy by learning focus and discipline – the tools that enable them to break free from the shackles of challenging, social dispositions and set them on a path of productivity and success.

Through learning and living with music, youths develop qualities such as creativity, self-expression, communication, tolerance and self-esteem. Their ability to work in a team is enhanced, and an increased level of socio-emotional well-being is experienced. The biggest reward of all – hope – is brought to individuals and communities.

It is our artists, and specifically our musicians, who carry the voice of a people, who become our history keepers, our storytellers, our activists, our idols. It is imperative that we nurture and preserve them, for our artists, in turn, nurture and preserve our communities and our cultures.

It is the CTMA’s mission to help keep this hope – the music of Cape Town and the soundtrack for the lives of a community – alive and kicking to a ghoema beat, for years to come.


Nico McLachlan

Albert Geldenhuys

Sonja Roux

Luvuyo Kakaza


Nico McLachlan is the former CEO and Independent Chair of the Cape Town Unicity Commission and Managing Director of Organization Development Africa (ODA).


Albert retired in 2016 as CEO of Aurecon South Africa and Executive Director of Melbourne based Aurecon AGPL. Since then he has been involved with philanthropic pursuits such as Societas for ECD, Nuuseum, Woema, etc. He acts as NED for various companies and is a Director of AHI Western Cape.


Sonja Roux is a Trustee of the Woema Trust, Director of the investment company Arco and patron of the arts.


Luvuyo Kakaza is a former arts journalist for publications including M&G, Sunday Times, Cape Times, City Press and Sowetan and was the PR & Marketing Officer for the CPO for 13 years. He is a founding member of the Cape Town Jazz Initiative, Jazz in the Native Yards (JINY).


2017 & 2018

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2019 & 2020

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We are extremely appreciative of our incredible network of generous and visionary partners who stand by us in countless ways – from raising awareness, to supporting our team, to funding projects.


We salute you!

“A nation is as rich as its creative output. The arts in all its forms push boundaries, broaden horizons, capture, explore and create pure beauty and joy to both creators and observers. Our companies are known as patrons of the arts, supporting various artists and initiatives, and the cooperation with the CTMA has assisted us in making a significant and more focused contribution.”
Abraham van Rooyen
CEO: ANB Investments

“Partnerships are important as a means to
develop audiences and venues.’’

Luvuyo Kakaza
Director: CTMA

“The cooperation with the CTMA
has assisted us in making a significant and more focused contribution.”