Creating opportunities for artists




The CTMA is a registered non-profit company that seeks to enable, facilitate and initiate programmes and projects for the promotion of the work of local musicians and the development of skills and career opportunities in the South African music industry through establishing partnerships with public and private institutions, organisations and companies.

The CTMA primarily focuses on contemporary music and strives to provide support by creating performance and recording opportunities, educational and development programmes and international exchange initiatives for deserving emerging and established musicians and relevant industry artists.

It is our artists, and
specifically our musicians,
who carry the voice of a people.


Kwathi ke Kaloku

Kwathi ke Kaloku, presented by the CTMA, is a children’s theatre production, celebrating the rich tradition of Xhosa children’s literature and indigenous music and is performed by award-winning author and storyteller, Sindiwe Magona, and renowned local musician, Bongani Sotshononda and his United Nations of Africa band.

“World in Union” by PJ Powers

“World in Union” by PJ Powers and the Tygerberg Children’s Choir (TCC) is a tribute to all Covid-19 essential workers and public efforts made world-wide in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. This new version of the song was filmed and recorded by the artists in isolation in South Africa during the country’s lockdown and released on Africa Day 25 May 2020.

(Welcome to Cape Town)

#TsekCorona! is a music video with a positive stay-at-home message from South Africa during the country’s Covid-19 lockdown. It features rewritten lyrics to the hit song “Welcome to Cape Town” by original writer, David Kramer.

Tribuo Fund Mandela Day 2020 Announcement Video

In this video the South African singer Amanda Strydom collaborates with Frazer Barry, Lumanyano Mzi and Thandeka Dladla to deliver a moving a capella version of her song “A child in a faraway land” as tribute to Nelson Mandela on Mandela Day, 18 July 2020.

YME 2020 – Youth in Music Excellence Initiative Video

Presented by CTMA and the Toyota US Woordfees, YME 2020 was a three-day focused workshop in various aspects of jazz music presented by top international and local music educators for young developing musicians in the Western Cape, South Africa, held at Paul Roos Gymnasium from 6-8 March during the Toyota US Woordfees in Stellenbosch.

Daily Music Tips: Concord Nkabinde #3 – Being A Session Musician

Concord Nkabinde is a multi-talented phenomenal artist that describes himself as “An African voice speaking to the World”.
In his third of 5 amazing videos he shares some of his insights on the skills and principles required to be a successful & respected freelance or session musician.

3 Continents Jazz Exchange

In December 2018, CTMA hosted the 3 Continents Jazz Exchange: Cape Town 2018. It featured workshops and performances by top local and international jazz educators from Mongolia, Germany and South Africa, and was hosted at SACM.

Learning to Live Music

In June 2019 CTMA hosted the second Berklee City Music “Learning to Live Music” Outreach to South Africa in collaboration with Stellenbosch University. This year in addition to jazz education, the focus also fell on hip-hop.