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  • 2018


    The Delheim Wine Estate’s Jazz & Cheese Fondue series plays an exciting new tune in the Stellenbosch Winelands this year thanks to the announcement of a collaboration with the Cape Town Music Academy (CTMA) and Jazz in the Native Yards.

  • 2018

    Afrique mon désir FRENCH TOUR 2018

    Afrique mon désir lies at the confluence of poetry and music with as main actors the multi-award winning South African singer and composer, Laurinda Hofmeyr, famous for setting poetry to music, and the bassist and musical producer Schalk Joubert.

  • 2018

    Jazz in the Native Yards @ Woordfees 2018

    Cape Town Music Academy and US Woordfees present Jazz in the Native Yards, a new music venue and meeting place at the US Woordfees 2018 ...

  • 2018

    Afrique Mon Désir

    Afrique mon désir (Africa my longing / Afrika my verlange ) is a 75min multi-media world music production, directed by David Kramer, featuring Laurinda Hofmeyr and the Afrique mon désir rensemble

  • 2017

    CTMA, SU & Berklee City Music Outreach 2017

    During the week of 9-15 June 2017, CTMA together with the Berklee College of Music’s City Music Unit and Stellenbosch University’s Community Music Unit ...

  • 2017

    Kwathi ke Kaloku (Once Upon a Time)

    Kwathi ke Kaloku  – Once Upon a Time, is a 60 minute interactive stage production of traditional Xhosa storytelling and music for primary school children ...